About us

ILF Ltd is a specialist supplier of standard non-ferrous metals, high performance metals and their associated services. Established in 2014 with the support of some of the world’s largest raw material manufacturers, ILF is a growing company that is adding products to its portfolio on a regular basis.

ILF Ltd is based in the heart of UK, utilizing its own transport and also a vast network of logistics partners in order to provide a high quality service to its customers across the UK and the world.

The high quality of the company’s products combined with superior service levels has led to ILF Ltd becoming the first choice for a variety of industries. ILF Ltd operates across the UK in the precision engineering, medical, motorsport, electrical, oil & gas and turned parts industries.

ILF is also very conscious of our environment and will always try and consider how our actions within our business, and those within our clients’ businesses affect the environment.

We will always take the necessary steps to make our business environmentally friendly and encourage our clients and suppliers to do the same.